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Keep your windows looking great year-round. We are eager to impress you and make your windows sparkle again. Our expert team of trained window cleaners uses professional grade and environmentally friendly cleaning products, as well as special tools and professional systems to achieve the perfect shine. Call for your free consultation or quote today, or contact us via email.


Post construction window cleaning service is used after renovation or new construction is complete. Most of the windows in such cases are covered with lots of silicone, concrete, paint, plaster, tape and other construction debris that needs to be removed with special care so your windows are not damaged after the cleaning. We have all of the right tools, experience and patience to get this job done right. Only specialized tools such as razor blades and glass scrapers are used to safely remove construction debris. Please note that post construction window cleaning is a very delicate process, as it is very challenging to safely remove all the debris that contractors leave behind them and although our technicians have years of experience performing this type of service and special construction window cleaning techniques are used, we do want to warn your that due to different circumstances, such as defective surfaces on poor quality tempered glass, it can often result in scratching of the surface. In such cases, we inform you of this problem prior to the service and look for a solution together with you to get your windows cleaned safely. Another problem we come across often in our practice is that there are times when the builders attempt to clean the windows by themselves without the special tools required for this type of service and cause scratches on your windows. Sometimes these scratches caused by unprofessional cleaning are only visible when the sun shines through your windows. Thus, we always inspect all the post construction windows prior to the service and if our team notices any damage we inform you right away. Contact our friendly customer service to schedule your post construction window cleaning or ask any further questions you might have.


As mentioned above, due to harsh environmental conditions and lack of maintenance, a chemical reaction may appear on your windows which is called oxidation. Oxidation may occur on the outside of any aluminum window or window that has aluminum screen covering it. This oxidation damages the windows and penetrates the glass. Unfortunately, regular window cleaning procedures will not remove these stains, that is why we use special mild liquid acids to remove the oxidation. Elliott Window Cleaning incorporates the following steps for this type of service in order to leave your windows stain and chemical free. The first and most important part of chemical cleaning is to check that the acid does not burn your windows, therefore, in the beginning we apply a little of the acid to an inconspicuous part of the window and if no adverse reaction occurs, it is safe to proceed with removing the oxidation from the rest of the window. Now the actual cleaning process starts: with a regular cleaning we remove dirt and dust, after which our technicians use special chemicals to remove the actual problem – deep stains and only after all the oxidation is removed, we clean the windows again regularly to make sure no acid is left. In addition, to avoid appearance of the oxidation in the future and protect your windows from exposure to harsh weather conditions, we can cover your windows with a protective sealant for the glass to prevent corrosion. Talk to our representative to find out more about this option.



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